This market is complex, but at the same time opens up many opportunities. Ukraine is one of the largest energy consumers in Europe. Energy security is always on the agenda of the Ukrainian government. This industry is capital intensive and strictly regulated. Therefore, energy companies face commercial, operational and legal challenges that determine their activities in Ukraine.
Energy and natural resources
We understand that success in this area depends on increasing efficiency and productivity. Work is also needed to ensure new deliveries and compliance with constantly changing reporting rules. We will help your business to have an access to a professional advice for more effective management and development.
Specialists working in the following areas are at your service:
  • Development of control system elements;
  • Synchronization of risk management processes and development of strategies and budgets;
  • Analysis of specific requirements for the company in the field of regulatory and legal requirements, development of organizational structures, processes and systems;
  • Creation of financial reporting tools for the purposes of accounting for production costs, preparation of financial statements and regulatory accounting;
  • Conducting comprehensive analyzes (financial, commercial, tax, and legal);
  • Issues of financing large projects.
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