The audit of construction companies is carried out taking into account the general principles but undoubtedly has its own specifics. Effective organization of the cost accounting system is a problem for many construction companies.

Because of this, the activities of construction companies should be transparent, the requirements for the system are growing, which should ensure the receipt of prompt and reliable information before making appropriate decisions.
Construction industry
Particularly critical need for this information is felt by entities that finance capital construction, i.e. investors. That is why the audit is very necessary for construction companies, and therefore should be rationally organized.

Construction audit is a comprehensive study of the cost of construction and analysis of pricing parameters at any stage of construction.

The main task of the construction audit is to identify the actual cost of construction products, services of the contractor, the degree of quality of construction and installation work in all phases of the construction project, which determines the investment value of construction to the operating conditions of buildings and structures with minimal costs. That is construction audit — control of construction companies at all stages of the construction project.
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