Obligatory audit
Audit services
An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements of the Client. The audit also includes an assessment of the accounting principles used at the enterprise and the detection of significant errors in the preparation of reports.

The result of the audit is the Independent Auditor's Report, in which the auditor expresses an opinion on whether the financial statements are prepared in all material respects.
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Review of financial statements
Provides for the audit of financial statements indicators, but less in-depth than provided by the audit of financial statements. During the review, audit procedures are conducted mainly through inquiries to staff and testing. At the same time, the client must provide access to all information (records, documents, etc.) related to the subject of the task.

The result of the review is the Report of the Review Specialist, which concludes that the financial statements as a whole do not contain material misstatements.

If significant deviations are found, the auditor may propose to change the review to another type of engagement or to refuse to provide an opinion or perform the engagement.
Tax audit
This is an independent tax audit. Such an audit is performed to understand whether the company's
taxes are calculated and paid correctly, as well as how the existing tax system can be optimized.

Tax audit is an important tool that reduces tax costs, prepares for mandatory tax audits of government agencies, minimizes tax risks and potential sanctions for violations of tax laws, and therefore has a significant impact on the overall financial condition of the company.

The result of the tax audit is a report of a specialist that describes the identified violations and deviations of tax legislation and recommendations for their elimination.
Tasks from agreed-upon procedures
The purpose of the agreed-upon procedures is to perform audit procedures that have been agreed between the auditor, the entity and any relevant third party, and to report on the actual results of the audit.

The report on the actual results of the agreed procedures does not contain the auditor's opinion on these results. Users of the report independently evaluate the procedures performed by the auditor and their results, as well as make personal conclusions based on the results of his work. The report is provided only to those parties who have consented to such procedures, as other parties may not misinterpret the results without knowing the purpose.
Due Diligence
A team of specialists performs the analytical review, economics, and other research of financial information. Our solutions will help to assess the real financial condition and results of the company, to prevent risks that could worsen the financial position of the company.
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